Accrobranching, Horse Riding, Swimming, Coarse Fishing, Sea Fishing, Golf, Quad biking, Karting, windsurfing, microlighting – ……the list is endless!

Our usual approach is to offer holidaymakers the chance to settle in to their holiday home and then contact us to decide what activities they would like to try out, for how many people and when for exactly (in case things need booking advance).

We have found that those “activities” that guests think they will opt for while they are planning their holiday are very likely to change once the holiday starts!

After relaxing into their new holiday home they often reconsider their choices based on the weather, the length of their stay, their state of mind and their energy levels! Guests frequently arrive and chill out so quickly that their plans for a ‘busy actioned packed’ holiday change into a more laid back affair spending most of their time relaxing by a pool, reading books and sampling the local delicacies!

In our opinion, the most comprehensive website to show what activities are available in Brittany is  A quick browse either before or during your stay will provide more ideas than you will have time for! The site is in English and most of the facilities shown have English speaking staff.