Brittany is located in the north-western corner of France. The region enjoys a warm, temperate climate, with plenty of rain to keep it looking lush and green. However, it does also experience many fine, cloudless, sunny days, and the weather is said to be similar to that found in Cornwall.

Brittany has its fair share of well-known towns and cities, but it’s also home to many places that the average tourist may never see.

Ferry departures are available from:

Rosslare, Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth, Newhaven, Folkstone, Dover and the nearest Ferry ports for our Properties are Roscoff, Saint Malo, Caen. Ferry companies include Brittany Ferries (for which we can offer a 20% discount) and LD Lines. There is the option of using he Chunnel.


20% Discount on your Brittany Ferries booking.

Driving in Brittany

No toll roads! – The only region in France where there are no toll roads making this region cheaper than any other to tour around by car.

Priority a droite!- This is where the locals may surprise you by pulling out of a small turning on your right without stopping whilst you are driving along a main road thinking that you have right if way! There are two instances when they are in the right. The first is when on a main road you come across a round white sign with a diagonal red cross in the centre. This indicates that a road/ track is about to join your road on the right hand side and that drivers have the right of way to join your road and expect you to stop for them! The second is in the centre of villages/towns where ‘allowing priority to traffic joining from the right’ is sometimes not even signed but just assumed by the locals! Be careful!! Once you leave a village you may see a yellow diamond sign that indicates that ‘normal service’ is resumed.

Debit/ Credit card restrictions buying fuel – all major debit and credit cards will operate in any retail outlet in France provided that you are being served by a real person. However, if you attempt to use the 24/7 petrol pumps when there is no-one in attendance you will discover that most UK debit/credit cards are not accepted. Make certain you buy petrol when there is a cashier present and your card will be accepted.

Breathalyser – Penalty Fines – the gendarmes may stop you for a random check (including a breathalyser check) and are allowed to give you ‘on the spot’ fines of up to 90€ for offences such as:

  • Not stopping at a STOP sign and waiting for 3 seconds
  • Speeding
  • Lights not working

Pleading poverty may lead to them escorting you to the nearest cashpoint to draw out cash for your fine.

Driving standards – be aware that many French drivers think it is appropriate for them to drive as if glued to your back bumper! Drivers of large farm vehicles and trucks just assume that you are able to get out of their way on small country roads and it is commonplace in Summer to find cycling ‘peletons’ taking up most of the road.


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Car hire

All major car hire operators offer vehicles from Brittany airports and cities.


Be aware that away from the cities and towns it may prove difficult to book a reliable taxi service.


There are many parts of rural Brittany that may rely on one service a day that does an early morning run and a return run in the evening. It is therefore not easy to rely on buses to move around freely in rural Brittany.


French rail services are good and experience very few delays. However, the extent of the rail network is limited in Brittany. The TGV operates from Paris to Rennes, Lorient, Vannes, Quimper, St.Brieuc